Is 2b Really Dead?

Can I play as 2b again?

Once you beat the game you will unlock a chapter select mode so you can go back and complete all the side quests and such, so you can obviously play 2B again..

Is 2b in love with 9s?

To make things even more difficult, 9S is clearly in romantic love with 2B. … Platonic love, the kind you share with your friends, is often the most complicated sort of relationship. The foil of their relationship is still the fact that 2B has been ordered to kill 9S, and has done so many times over.

What is the true ending of NieR automata?

The “true end” to NieR Automata is widely considered to be ending E: The [E]nd of Yorha. In order to get this ending you should finish the game up through ending D and then accept the pods’ offer to save the androids.

How did 2b get infected?

1)2B almost surely got infected when she remains alone to fight the infected androids (in the fly section) to let 9S escape.

Why did 2b clench her fist?

2B clenches her fist in anger because in 2B’s mind she thinks “I’ve failed to save him again”.

Why did a2 cut her hair?

ᵈʳᵘᶰᵏ ᵖᵒᵖᵒᶫᵃ on Twitter: “The reason A2 cut her hair was to pay respect to an android with the same personality data as her.… ”

How do you unlock 2b outfits?

After completing your third playthrough, you can unlock two battle suits for 2B. The battle suit doesn’t offer any stat boost or modifications, but it looks mildly different than your default costume. You can equip the outfits from your Key Items.

Why are androids blindfolded?

If you look at the operators, they wear veils over their mouths while speaking to their androids in the field. … It’s a visual way for the developers to point out when the androids are being their “authentic” selves to the audience instead of what they’re supposed to be.

Can 2b be saved?

As she and 9S escape in flight units to the surface, other YoRHa flight units attack them. … As more YoRHa ground troops surround her, 2B is saved by A2’s intervention.

Does 2b know the truth?

She didn’t know, but there were no automated triggers or memory wipes involved either. Every time she was just given orders by the Commander through standard communication means – she was never told why she was supposed to kill him, just that it’s the time to do this because he learned something he shouldn’t.

Is 2b same as a2?

A2 is the basis for 2B. You find this out via sidequest, archive data, and it’s alluded to when you delve into 2B’s memories. Based on A-series. Normally we’d call you *static (2E)* etc.

Will Nier automata get a sequel?

Nier Replicant follows on from the 5th ending of Drakengard, while Nier Automata is an indirect sequel to this game. Platinum Games, which developed Nier Automata, is not involved with the development of Replicant. That will be ToyLogic’s purview.

What does the B in 2b stand for?

The B in 2B stands for beach – NieR: Automata.

Why does 2b wear a mask?

Her blindfold, for example, isn’t really a blindfold, but is referred to as a “military visor” or “goggles.” We’re not really given specifics, but the implication is that this accessory somehow allows 2B and other YoRHa units to see things that they wouldn’t normally be able to see that help them in battle situations.

How old are 9s 2b?

2B is early 20. Already close to adult age, but doesn’t want to be called as old (9S called her m’am). 9S is middle school, so maybe around 14.

Does 9s wanna kill 2b?

It was the only real connection he ever knew so he accepted all the deaths. … In Memory Thorn 2B ask 9S to kill her because she didn’t want to kill him anymore but 9S just kills himself instead and wants 2B to promise to keep killing him because he knows they’ll still meet again even if his memories are reset.

Is a2 stronger than 2b?

User Info: didierre. A2 is much stronger than them indeed, she was specifically designed to be an offensive YorHa unit (A in A2 means Attacker) in the battlefield, she’s more a killing machine than 2B and 9S, only she became something else on her own without losing her talents.