Question: Is Unhonest A Word?

Is unsecure a word?

Insecure means lacking in security.

Unsecured means not secured, not fastened, or not guaranteed.

*Unsecure is not a word as far as I can tell.

In your example the correct usage is insecure, meaning that the security of the system was found to be lacking..

What is the meaning of not honest?

not honest; disposed to lie, cheat, or steal; not worthy of trust or belief:a dishonest person.

What is an honest person called?

outspoken. adjective. an outspoken person states their opinion honestly, even if other people do not like it.

What does disobey mean?

to neglect or refuse to obey (someone, an order, etc)

What is the opposite of friendly?

Antonyms: hostile, unneighbourly, unneighborly, unfriendly, beetle-browed, scowling, chilly, uncordial. Synonyms: favorable, well-disposed. friendly(adj)

What is the opposite of beautiful?

Antonym of BeautifulWordAntonymBeautifulUglyGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

Is Unhonest correct?

As adjectives the difference between dishonest and unhonest is that dishonest is not honest while unhonest is (obsolete) discreditable (of actions, language etc); unseemly, morally reprehensible.

What is opposite of honest?

truthful, candid: deceptive, unsuitable, unreliable, untruthful, lying, biased, fraudulent, irresponsible, misleading, deceitful, false, untrustworthy, corrupt, insincere, treacherous, unreasonable, unreal, counterfeit, devious, unfair, unjust, dishonest, prejudiced, partial.

What is the suffix of honest?

When we add “suffix – y” to the verb honest, it makes the noun honesty. When we add “suffix – ter” to the verb laugh, it makes the noun laughter.

What type of word is honest?

adjective. honorable in principles, intentions, and actions; upright and fair: an honest person. showing uprightness and fairness: honest dealings.

What is the opposite of oral?

oral, unwritten(adj) using speech rather than writing. “an oral tradition”; “an oral agreement” Antonyms: anal, anal retentive, written, aboral.