Question: Who Is Melissa Santos Married To?

Who is Brian Cage married to?

Melissa SantosIn 2016, Cage began dating Melissa Santos, who worked for Lucha Underground as a ring announcer.

On January 23, 2018, Santos gave birth to a girl, Skylar Faith Button.

The couple married on July 12, 2019..

How old is Brian Cage?

36 years (February 2, 1984)Brian Cage/Age

What happened to Brian Cage?

On April 28, 2019, Cage defeated Johnny Impact to win the Impact World Heavyweight Championship. His championship reign lasted 180 days before losing to Sami Callihan on October 25, 2019. … [Updated January 24, 2020] Brian Cage suffered a bicep injury that will require surgery.

Who is killer Kross married to?

Scarlett Bordeaux14 Real-Life Couple. Expect to see Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux together because they are a real-life couple.

How much does Brian Cage weight?

126 kgBrian Cage/Weight

Is Brian Cage injured?

AEW was reportedly inking a deal with Brian Cage. Now he has denied that report as he is currently injured. The Machine revealed on Instagram that he is injured and not attached to any pro wrestling company.

Will there be a Lucha Underground Season 5?

He stated “Season 5, if we do it, will be a major reboot. Cast-wise, on a lot of levels we’ll be looking to reboot season 5.” In a 2020 interview with Chris Van Vliet, Vampiro stated that though not officially announced, Lucha Underground was over: “90% of the roster is in AEW and the other 10% is in the WWE.

How tall is Brian Cage?

1.83 mBrian Cage/Height

How tall is Tazz?

1.75 mTazz/Height

Who is Tessa Blanchard boyfriend?

Miguel OlivoOn November 20, 2019, Blanchard confirmed her engagement to fellow wrestler Miguel Olivo, better known by the ring name Daga. The couple resides in Mexico.

Who is killer Kross dating?

wrestler Kevin KesarShe is in a relationship with fellow professional wrestler Kevin Kesar, better known by the ring name Karrion Kross.

What is killer Kross real name?

Kevin KesarKarrion Kross/Full name