Quick Answer: Can You Heal As Shadow Priest Classic?

What is the best priest spec?

Best Priest Leveling Spec from 1-120 Shadow is the only Priest dedicated DPS spec, which gives the edge to it against Discipline and Holy, being able to apply damage-over-time effects on many different enemies and getting healed by that damage is really helpful while leveling..

Is Shadow Priest good for PvP?

Videos of good shadow priests are rare. probably because the class is so easy to play 1v1 that even scrubs can make videos where they melt faces. shadows are very good for PvP if you keeo a few things in mind. you can beat every class and every spec.

Can you heal as a shadow priest?

As a Priest, you have the ability to heal yourself and group members as a Holy or Discipline Priest, or do damage as a Shadow Priest.

What is the best priest class in WoW?

Priest Class Best Race For the Horde, we think the Undead has the best Racial Traits and Ability Spells, and Alliance the Dwarves are a very strong choice for PVP, while some players will find the Human Race better if they focus more on PVE Raiding content.

What level can I heal BRD?

you should be more than able to heal BRD as lvl 53 as the minimum level for that dungeon is 54 (preferably a little higher if you plan to go all the way to emperor if you’re a tank/dps).

Can Mind Flay crit classic wow?

Mind Flay can not deal critical strikes.

How much hit does a shadow priest need classic?

For this reason, it is recommended Spellcasters have 16% Spell Hit Rating from Talents and Gear. With 16% Spell Hit Rating, the Spell Hit Chance is increased from 83% to 99%, the most you can obtain. In PvP, Enemy Players are Level 60, which means a Priest only needs 3% Spell Hit Rating to reach the maximum of 99%.

Is disc priest hard to play?

Disc is more challenging to play, but offers better healing and damage than Holy does, and brings two damage reductions to the board as well. It suffers from people taking unexpected damage (Resto druid does somewhat as well) but it’s not the worst healer for m+.

Is disc priest good in BFA?

You could try specing shadow, or going for all the possible damage talents a disc priest can have, discipline right now is pretty strong, i would say its one of the top tier healers and damage dealers pvp wise at least, pretty good on pve too! Since BFA pre-patch, to put it simply, Disc seems to have been changed.

Is Priest good in classic WoW?

Viability of Priest Healers in WoW Classic PvE Content The Priest is the quintessential healing class of WoW Classic — flexible in a wide array of situations with their ability to provide strong healing and an awful lot of utility.

When can you respec the Holy Classic?

You can respec at 52 and start doing BRD for leveling, or you can stay ret until 60 so that you can mix questing with healing dungeons.

What is the best race for shadow priest?

GoblinOverall, Goblin is by far the best race due to 1% haste and goblin jump which is invaluable to an immobile class such as ourselves.

Is discipline priest good DPS?

Discipline Priest Overview Healing through dealing damage allows Discipline Priests to contribute to the raid’s DPS while still performing well as a healer. Discipline Priests provide very significant, on-demand AoE burst healing on a very short cooldown.

How do you level a disc priest?

Rotation to Level Up as a Discipline PriestYou will learn Penance at level 10, use this when it comes off cooldown, and open all your fights with Shadow Word: Pain. Use. Smite as your filler.At level 40 you will learn. Shadowfiend, your first damage cooldown. Use it as often as you can to provide a nice boost to damage.

Can you heal dungeons as shadow priest in classic?

Both in Classic Retail and on Nost. It worked well. You’ll heal fine till the like lvl 50 dungeons, even then if you have enough gear to carry you its doable later on too. … It becomes very hard to impossible by the mid to late 50s, but I healed every dungeon before BRD as shadow.

Which priest spec is best for leveling?

shadow specBest spec for leveling as a priest. Of course, shadow spec is the best for leveling, but before being lvl 36, you’ll start focusing on Discipline to max out your DPS with your wand.

How good is shadow priest?

In Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons, they can provide good damage, but are lacking utility compared to some other specs. However, they do have enough utility that they aren’t rare, just not as common. In Raids, both Overall and specifically single target (damage done only to bosses), Shadow Priest is very strong.

What stats do shadow priests need?

The Shadow Priest stat priority is as follows:Haste = Critical Strike;Mastery = Versatility;Intellect.

Are shadow priests good in classic?

Contrary to what you may read in the forums, they are very good in PVP, and most raids will make room for a single shadow priest… Given that you do not need 15 healers in a single raid and typically 5 priests is all you will bring due to class distribution 1 shadow priest is 20% class representation, and that’s good.