Quick Answer: How Activate Airtel 4g SMS?

Why is my Airtel SIM not working?

Many possible reasons, sim isn’t inserted properly, it hasn’t been cut properly, the selected network mode might not be available in your area (3G availability is very low or 4G availability is very low or not there)..

How activate Airtel 4g sim?

This is how to activate airtel 4g sim:You will get an SMS asking if you would like to opt for the new service. … Once you request for a new SIM, Airtel will try and deliver it at your address within four hours. … To change the SIM, you need to send the 20-digit number at the back of the new card to 121 prefixing SIM.More items…

How can I get Airtel SMS setting?

To change the Airtel message center number on your phone, tap on Menu -> Settings -> Message center. Select the option to change the message center number and edit the number with the right one. Now, hit Ok to set to the new number as the message center number. That’s it!

How can I activate Airtel SIM without OTP?

Easy Steps For Airtel SIM ActivationSMS the 20 digit SIM Number to 121.Reply with 1 to confirm your request.Wait for some time to the SIM to get disconnected.Remove the old SIM and insert the new Airtel SIM.Switch on the phone.Wait for signal.Your Airtel 4G SIM is activated.

How do I activate data on Airtel?

How to enable your mobile dataGo to Settings → Mobile Data and turn on Mobile Data.In the same menu go to Mobile Data Network and enter the APN: airtel-ci-gprs.com.More items…

Why my Airtel Internet is not working?

Activating your internet settings: Go to Settings → Wireless & networks → Data usage and turn on Mobile data. Return to the Wireless & networks menu → Mobile networks and turn on Data roaming. Finally, select Access Point Names and add the following APN: Name:- Airtel, APN:- airtel-ci-gprs.com.