What Do You Call A Mentor?

What is a female mentor called?

femtorFemale mentorship is the mentoring of women by women to further their career and development prospects.

A female mentor is sometimes called a femtor..

What to say about a mentor?

Thank you for being a great teacher and mentor. I look up to you so much — I hope one day to have achieved all in my career that you have achieved in yours. Thank you for being a great mentor and teacher. Thank you for motivating me even when I wanted to give up.

What makes a good mentor?

4 ADDITIONAL CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD MENTOR Honesty & Integrity. Conflict resolution skills. Ability to offer feedback and constructive criticism. Great networking skills.

What is reverse mentoring?

Reverse mentoring pairs younger employees with executive team members to mentor them on various topics of strategic and cultural relevance. This approach has precedent: in the late 1990s, GE’s Jack Welch used reverse mentoring to teach senior executives about the internet.

What is Mentoree?

mentoree (plural mentorees) One being mentored.