What Does Aqui Stand For?

What does Mochate mean in Spanish?

Mexican Slang:: “Mochate” as in “to chop off a piece of your self” really means “please share” or “hook it up”.

What is another word for Akin?

What is another word for akin?similaralikeanalogouscognatematchingrelatedcloseconnatecorrespondentditto201 more rows

What is another word for attribute?

What is another word for attribute?qualitymarktraitaspectelementhallmarkpointcharacternotepeculiarity227 more rows

Is comparable a word?

1 : capable of or suitable for comparison The situations are not at all comparable. 2 : similar, like fabrics of comparable quality The two houses are comparable in size.

Is more akin to meaning?

If two things are akin, then they’re similar or related. A cupcake is akin to a cake and relatives are akin to each other. If you know the word kin — a relative — then you have a clue to the meaning of akin. People who are related are akin, but the word goes beyond blood relations.

What does compromisable mean?

Adjective. compromisable (comparative more compromisable, superlative most compromisable) Capable of being compromised.

What Akin means?

1 : related by blood : descended from a common ancestor or prototype The dog and fox are closely akin. 2 : essentially similar, related, or compatible His interests are akin to mine.

Is akin formal?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha‧kin /əˈkɪn/ adjective formal → akin to somethingExamples from the Corpusakin• It is therefore in many ways more akin to an art rather than a science.

How do you spell akin?

adjective. of kin; related by blood (usually used predicatively): cousins who were too closely akin for marriage. allied by nature; having the same properties: Something akin to vertigo was troubling her. having or showing an affinity; kindred: They are emotionally but not intellectually akin.

Is akin a Scrabble word?

AKIN is a valid scrabble word.

What does Lupita mean in Spanish?

The name Lupita means From The River Of The Wolf and is of Spanish origin. Lupita is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls. Diminutive form of Lupe or Guadalupe.

What is meaning of comparable?

adjective. capable of being compared; having features in common with something else to permit or suggest comparison: He considered the Roman and British empires to be comparable. worthy of comparison: shops comparable to those on Fifth Avenue.

What does Ayy mean in Spanish?

“Used heavily in El Paso, Texas, USA and Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, “ay ay” is the repetition of the Spanish word “ay” which is equivalent to the interjection “oh” of the English language.

What does the word analogous mean?

: similar or comparable to something else either in general or in some specific detail Timbre in music is analogous to color in painting.—