What Is Unedible?

What does Unedible mean?


unedible (comparative more unedible, superlative most unedible) Not edible..

How do you spell Unedible?

adjective. not edible; unfit to be eaten.

Is Uneditable a word?

Adjective. (computing) That cannot be edited.

What means legible?

capable of being read or deciphered, especially with ease, as writing or printing; easily readable. capable of being discerned or distinguished: Anger was legible in his looks and behavior.

What is called Edible?

A cannabis edible, also known as a cannabis-infused food or simply an edible, is a food product that contains cannabinoids, especially tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Although edible may refer to either a food or a drink, a cannabis-infused drink may be referred to more specifically as a liquid edible or drinkable.

What is the difference between Encyclopedia and Cyclopedia?

is that encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference work (often spanning several printed volumes) with in-depth articles (usually arranged in alphabetical order, or sometimes arranged by category) on a range of subjects, sometimes general, sometimes limited to a particular field while cyclopaedia is (archaic) the circle …

What are synonyms for important?

Important Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for important?crucialessentialcriticalpivotalurgentvitalparamountimperativeinvaluablebest91 more rows

What is the meaning of edible and non edible?

If they do not know, explain that edible means things you can eat and non-edible means things you cannot eat.

What does Cyclopedic mean?

cyclopedic (comparative more cyclopedic, superlative most cyclopedic) Belonging to the circle of the sciences, or to a cyclopedia; of great range, extent, or amount.

Is uneatable a word?

Not eatable; not fit for eating.

What animals are not edible?

Poisonous Animals You Can’t EatBlowfish. Blowfish or puffer (Tetraodontidae species) are more tolerant of cold water. … Triggerfish. The triggerfish (Balistidae species) occur in great variety, mostly in tropical seas. … Barracuda. … Other Dangerous Sea Creatures. … Blue-Ringed Octopus. … Jellyfish. … Cone Shell.